Time is a pain in the ass.
It’s never enough, never.
And we’re always in a hurry, trying to do more then we can.
Sometimes I dream about living ages ago, how great should have been to do everything with calm.
Today we’re full of devices, they tell us we need them but at the end they’re totally useless for a real living.
Of course, I’m full of this crappy things… but everytime You read a book, when You touch the paper on your fingers… You understand how cool it’s to feel things for real.
Or when You hand draw with a pencil, when You paint on a film, when You play on a real amplifier, when You take a vinyl out of its sleeve, when You run on a real bike or whatever…  damn… am I getting an old annoying guy?

Well, ok, it was to tell You we’re coming back on this blog, we haven’t got the time to write lately, sorry.
I’m sure You’re all disappointed and sad.
I can imagine how much You missed us…
So, prepare Your eyes cause we’re ready to print the third print in the Caracol trilogy, the brand new Ufomammut tees, the limited edition of Ufomammut, the new Earth poster and then Dario Argento next poster and many many more…

Just stay tuned!

Watched this, about time…
it was nice.

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    What was the cat doing ?

  2. Nice, looking forward to it all. Sad to have missed out on neve.

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