A Deep Red monday

Sorry if it took so long to get back to the blog.
It’s a very full period here, drawing and drawing and drawing.
Then the printing and printing and printing period will come…
But I took some time for telling You that tomorrow the second print of the Dario Argento serie will be on sale.
Check here, on the Dark City Gallery website to know more.
The prints on sale will be the regular and the variant versions of “Profondo Rosso”,  Deep red in english.
In the next days we’ll let You know when the AP version of “leather paper” will be on sale too.
Then, we’re almost done with the design of the third print.
It’s about a film full of little animals.
Well, not only little ones.
You’ll know more very soon!

In the meantime we’re doing lots of other things and we’ll tell You soon, too tired now to write a list.
Have a great new week!

Watched WARRIOR.
Great great movie, totally amazing.

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

  2. How soon is “soon”? ;-)

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