I must said I’m impressed.
There’s a lifting for  prints too, but I must admit the results are way better then on humans… don’t know if it’s my impression, but there are a lot of “cat women” lately…
Anyway, we’ve just received an email from the guys of Poster Mountain showing the process to restore a Malleus poster that was damaged.
Check here on their blog.
It’s fantastic to see this “old” print coming back to life.
I still remember when we printed it.
It was one of the first experiment we did with water based colors.
It’s a poster for Acid Mother’s Temple and Cosmic Inferno, back in 2005
We did the screens at Egi studio (where we learnt all the tecniques, tricks and everything we know about silkscreening and where we printing our first posters for about 3/4 years) and then we worked on it on a table with jiffy clamps in my flat.
I remember it took a lot of color runs to make the brown.
We started thinking we never could make it and we ended totally happy cause the result popped out of the paper.
So, we feel so excited to see the restoring process You can’t even imagine.
Damn, it’s so strange when I think about about our posters.
Every poster has its own story, things we learnt and emotions.
Sometimes I feel like a father with our prints… when I see they’re finishing I got this strange emotions… obviously I’m happy but I feel in some way sad.
We never reprinted a poster and I think we’ll never do cause it’d be like cloning a child gone… I know, I guess You’re thinking I’m crazy… ahahah

Ok, enjoy the processthe process and have a good night

Watched the Descendants.
Nice and a lot of the people were dressed exactly like our friend RON ;-)

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