It’s winter, we know.
And it got to be cold.
It’s been a strange seasoning lately, we’d got warm till 10 days ago, then we’ve sinked in a totally cold winter.
It’s not good when people talk about weather, isn’t it?
It usually happens when there’s nothing to say, no topics, no point of conversation.
So, we should try to start again.

Hey there!
Hope everything is good.
It’s been a good weekend, full of ice and cold


It’s been a while since the last post, isn’t it?
We had something like 5000 visits on monday, it’s been too much, so I felt a little shy and I stopped writing.
Please, give me some time to start again.
We’ve a lot of things coming, some new posters, some new Cover art (apart from the new Caracol we’ve just finished the new ICO one!), the visuals of Oro (the upcoming Ufomammut)  and the third print in the Dario Argento serie.
By the way, Profondo Rosso should be arrived in UK at Dark City Gallery, so take an eye out!
About shipment, we’re preparing all the tubes (brand new ones, we have thicker ones – soon we’ll use brick tubes…) and we’ll start in sending out Your posters tomorrow.
We’ve a lot of prints to send out, we’re invading the World with tubes!

Ok, time to go now, tomorrow it’ll be an heavy day.
Gotta think  about the limited edition of the new Ufomammut.

Watched “Take Shelter” yesterday.
Very very cool!

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  1. Hey… C’mon… 5K hits isn’t THAT bad! ;-) And your art deserves it – be it Malleus or Ufomammut!

  2. Umma Gumma Says:

    Hey, is the “Crazy Diamond” print sold out completely? Or are you going to offer more on your site at some later date?

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