It’s grey today.
it’s raining and it’s melt with snow, quite depressing weather to look out of the window.
It’s perfect to stay at home, with Your cat sleeping on a cardboard box close to where You are, reading a book and drink a coffee.
It’s perfect to draw too.
And to post some images on the net to testify we’re doing some new crap.
We started from gold and we finished with black.

And it’s been cool cause no problem at all with the last screen.
A run of about 150 posters for the Black Keys, playing this monday coming in Milano.
60 copies will go to the band, the other ones will be on sale on our webstore.
And this is how it looks like.

To far to see?
You need more details?
Ok, let’s go.

We like women with tattoos, I think You already noticed.
Personally I love when there are more tattoos then skin, I like to look at images of women with stories inked on their bodies, drawings running one behind the other.
So we thought about the idea of a woman with living tattoos, moving out of her body, jumping out of her nails to move all around her, mixing colors and creating shapes.

She’s looking at You like she’s waiting to capture You with her tattoos.
And there’s probably a secret behind the key lock tattooed on her belly.

We like to think about stories when we draw, we don’t like images that has nothing to say, beauty has something to tell, to go beyond what You see, open imagination.
It’s a secret, don’t tell it around;-)

And I’m happy about this print cause it’s totally in Italian, TBK requested to have it in the native language and we think it’s awesome.

And here’s a jpeg of the design

I think we did a pretty good job!
Have a great week end
And remember: the poster will be on sale on tuesday 31st of January on our webstore from 6:00 pm italian time!

I Love this videoclip!

8 Responses to “THE BLACK KEYS”

  1. Bill - MoonSet Says:

    looks amazing guys! and gal.. :)

  2. nice one, Malleus. looks great!

    i love that it’s all in Italian too. actually, i think you should do all your posters for shows that are in Italy in Italian.

  3. when will it go on sale online?

  4. Bellissima!

  5. i’d love to buy this, where can i get a copy? it is beautiful!!x

  6. Are they sold out? I don’t see on your webstore?

  7. man i went to the milan show and those posters sold out in about 5 min. i’ve looked all over your store and couldnt find it. think you could make it easy for me and send me a direct link to the poster or print… whatever is still available? i would love to get this framed and hung ASAP!
    thanks guys

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