The ground is moving here in the North of Italy.
In the last 2 days there’ve been some little Earthquakes, getting worried even if I haven’t experienced any of them till now.
But I don’t like the idea of Earthquake, it makes me scared!
Anyway, while the ground was trembling, we moved on with the new poster for the Black Keys in Milano.
They’ll be here on monday and we’ve almost done the poster.
One color left!
Today we moved on other 3 colors, a metallic transparent silver ink and then another shade, from yellow to red (or from red to yellow depending on the way You look at things…)

Very happy about the underlay shadows and the hairs.
We have got more colors with less.
Very cool.

Damn, it’s really a monster!

And then a nice shade on top.

Very metallic!

There’s a keyhole, I know I know… but it should be a tattoo…

So, we’ve one color to go and tomorrow we’ll show You the final print.

Watching Long Way Down in these days.
Not liking it as much as Long Way Round for now.

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