Internet sucks today.
It’s all the day it sucks.
So I’m pretty nervous and I’m listening to something to relax, listening to Fister.
Bronsonic is very good, I like it, they seems a “clean” version of a great band called Nightstick.
Sorry if I don’t put links but as I said … internet is too slow to open other pages on my laptop.
Anyway, check for Fister.

Ok, hope You liked the prints we did for Dead Rockstars artshow.
“Crazy Diamond” has been numbered and signed.

Gosh… it took minutes to upload these pics!
Just to show You Poia is getting crazy too!

I must say we started this year going like greased lightning (don’t know if this has a meaning, but I liked it a lot…).
Lots of prints so far and a lot more to come.
By the way, we started the new poster for the Black Keys.
They’ll be in Milano, here in Italy, next monday.
Looking forward to their gig!

It’ll be a 7 colors print, there’ll be a lot of red, a lot of black, then gold, yellow and silver ink.
2 shades, lots of work for a run of about 150 prints.
And then we’ll do 7 variants and 152 AP different versions

C’mon! I’m joking!
No variant and no AP for this one.
150 copies are enough for us.

First color has been a gold, a light one.
As You can see there’s a frame and a woman.

Then we worked on the first shade, a black and red one.

Looks nice, I like the colors we decided for this!

Ok, more tomorrow.
Have a good night

If You got a chance, check for the movie below.
Fantastico Mr. Caine.

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