101 posters are printed and done.
We added the last touch and now we’re totally happy with them.
This is one of those posters we prefer to look at once it’s printed.
It’s double what You see on a cold monitor.
Especially cause we added  a sparkling glitter and we hand brushed the diamond.
Look below!

It’s quite difficult to capture the glitter… it seems sand…:-)

101 handbrushed diamonds.
It sounded quite silly to work on a 50 x 70 screen for it.
Then we wanted to give more warmth to this print.
We’re talking about Syd Barrett!

And here a nice jpeg to show You how the print looks like.

We’re shipping 30 copies to the USA tomorrow.
The opening reception is February 2nd in Eugene Oregon at Blunt Graffix studio, after which it will move to THE WAVE gallery and remain up until the end of march.
So, don’t miss it!

Watched “Boy Wonder” tonight.

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