Tonight I’m pretty tired, so I’ll just post a few pics of the new poster we’re printing and I’ll go.
It’s for the artshow DEAD ROCKSTARS, in the USA.
Have You hit it? C’mon! It’s easy.
“It’s no good trying to place your hand where I can’t see because I understand that you’re different from me …”
Is it clear now?
Tomorrow You’ll see it 100%, 2 colors left.

There’s a diamond, there’s an octopus, there’s a cat…

And we’ve also finished the wall version of the upcoming Earth poster (the gig will be in March, so plenty of time for the silkscreen) and the new Caracol.
And we’re planning to start tomorrow the printing process of the new poster for the Black Keys in Milano.

And wait!
Tomorrow we’ll put on sale the Thomas Negovan prints and the “Angeli and Demoni”.
Stay tuned!

Listening to Black Sabbath right now

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