We’ve started the printing process for the next poster, it’s the print for the Dead RockStars artshow, A Tribute to the Mortal Gods of Sound.
The opening reception is February 2nd in Eugene Oregon at Blunt Graffix studio, after which it will move to THE WAVE gallery and remain up until the end of march.
It’ll be a run of about 100 pieces, half will take a plane and fly to the USA, half will go on our webstore and subs and so on.
We’ve decided to work on one of our favourite artists, he gave birth to one of the most incredible bands  ever, he’s an european singer and guitar player, he’s been totally important for us (You know, we also play in a band and we’ve been very very inspired by his music).
Guess who he is.
Well, looking at the pics here below, You’ll probably think he could be Frankenstein (and so You could relate it to Lou Reed… but he seems to be still alive…), but once the print will be finished You’ll see he’s more delicate features.

OK, let’s go with a few pics.
First 2 colors went down together, it’s a nice shade.

Today we’ll move on with the 3rd color, it’ll be a gold.
Then other 2 to finish the print.

Moreover we’re working on a lot of other stuff, posters, cd covers and so on.
Coming next the Black Keys, then the third Argento poster serie (starting in these days), the Melvins, Earth, Asymmetry, Caracol new album (and possible print?), Ufomammut and many many more I don’t remember.
So, stay tuned!

Listening to Corrosion of Conformity, I loved them years ago, when Pepper was in the band.

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  2. Just stopping by to say y’all ROCK!
    so does COC!


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