Angeli e Demoni

There was ice today, it was a really really cold day.
All was white this morning, it was nice to see, not the same to go out and breeze.
I know, You don’t care that much.
It’s winter, so it’s obvious it has to be very cold.
You’re totally right, better to change subject, so let’s talk about a new poster we’ve shipped today in the USA.
It’s the first print of the Year, well, the first one apart the Profondo Rosso print.
It’s the Thomas Negovan poster.
Beside being the owner of Century Guild gallery in Chicago, Thomas is a singer/composer and he’s recorded his new album “By Popular Demand”  on WAX CYLINDER (bypassing all manners of modern electrical and digital technologies.)
And it’s great considering the period we’re leaving.
It’s fantastic to  use old ways of doing things, it’s a way of touching our past, to create a link with what we’re now, what we have and the way we’re getting “computerized” and “empty”…

So, we worked on  4 different versions of the print.
The first idea was to use a glowing in the dark layer on all of them, but, while printing, we started in having a lot of doubts.
I know, phosphorescent is cool, but it’s also white and it popped out from papers in a terrible way.
So, while working on green, red and blue metallic paper with a perlescent ink, we decided that we wanted to do a version with glowing in the dark color, but it had to be on white paper.
But normal white paper is not so cool.
So we used the same incredible paper we used for the NEVE print (do You remember it?), a metallic iridescent one.
And the result is great.
Anyway, this is what we did.
First of all a regular version on green paper, 3 colors (silver, red and perlescent), run of 147 pieces.

Then there’s a variant on blue metallic paper, 3 colors, run of 25 pieces.

Moreover we’ve worked on a double AP run.
We called the first one “Angeli”.
It’s a 2 color print on red paper, limited edition of 35 pieces.
There’s no perlescent layer on this one, we loved the black on red, so we kept it very simple.

Finally we have “Demoni”.
3 colors printed on white iridescent paper, run of 59 pieces.
This is the only version glowing in the dark, revealing 3 skeleton demons coming out of an eye and an inscription saying: “The angels brought you progress, burned your flesh, watched your murder and called it art ”

This is the paper I was talking about…

This is the screen we used for the glowing ink.
It’s the same image of the pearlescent ink, plus the inscription.
And this is how the print is looking like!


It’s getting a really long long post.
These prints will be on sale very soon on our store.
Very soon, let us think about it!

Listening to The Dillinger Escape Plan – Irony is a dead scene

5 Responses to “Angeli e Demoni”

  1. I really like the idea of the poster.

  2. Bill - MoonSet Says:

    Killer work!

  3. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    why the sweater while printing ?

  4. Just Love the Demoni. Just wish i could afford it tight now.:-)

    But as usual, your art is truly amazing.

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