Here we are, as promised, with some pics of the AP on black leather paper of the Dario Argento movie poster of Profondo Rosso.
We’re already moving around the next one, it’ll be … it’ll be… I’ll tell You soon.
Anyway, for Profondo Rosso we’ll only have regular, variant and then AP.
We’re trying to limit the editions, otherwise there’ll be too many versions and we don’t like the idea too much.

In the pic above You can see the glitter and the paper.

And the final view

Ok, it’s all for today, need to go and work out the Black Keys poster now.
And, please remember that today it’s a very important day cause it’s the F***ING GAMBOA Bday!
Best wishes mate!

Listening to Massive Attack right now, Mezzanine is a great great album!

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