Profondo Rosso – Variant

Today we’re gonna show You some pics of the variant we’ve worked for the print of Profondo Rosso, second poster of the Dario Argento serie.
As You know it’s on a black glittered paper, looking awesome.
But You also know we like to do things in the best way, we like to overdo.
So, we also decided to make the image pops out of the paper.
The glass had to be real, so we thought about using a sparkling glitter ink on it and this is the result.

A screen for the glass…

… to add prints some class :-)

Sorry, the pics doesn’t give an exact idea of the print.

But it’s something like that.
And tomorrow, last part of the Dario Argento with the copies on leather paper!
And just to make You curious, here’s a little taste of it!

Have a good night!

Black Leather!

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