We’re happy to announce the regular edition of the second poster of the Dario Argento serie is done.
Now we’ve to move on with the Variant and with the AP.
Let’s go with order.
Here’s the regular edition!

I think You deserve some better details…

The third color is an iridescent blu, great to simulate the broken glass and the zip around the eye.
Don’t know if You’re familiar with this movie, we’ve chosen the black paper to work on the idea of the black glove of the killer (it’s black with a zip like the one in the print), and then the eye of the murderer (the pupil is one of the paintings of the home of the first victim) and so on.
What do You think?

And here below You’ll see some pics of the variant so far.

This is a very close particular of the glittered paper.
It’s amazing.
And well, speaking about paper, I want to show You a preview of the INCREDIBLE paper we’ve used for the AP version.
Believe it or not, it’s real, we’ve the leather paper!

Can You imagine how this poster will look like on it?
Just a little patience, c’mon!

Just to remember You these are the last hours for taking part to our subscription, I’m gonna show You the first poster we’re realizing this year.
It’s for Thomas Negovan, pure artist that has got back to the past recording his album without electricity, on a wax cilynder machine!
This is how it’ll look like during the day

And this is how it’ll be in the darkness

Watching this! Cool

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