Well, I don’t know if the world reeder exists.
I think it should stay for “more red”.
But I’m not english mother tongue, I change crystal with the Champagne by Louis Roederer, so I can do what I want.
I’ve magic in my fingers…
Ok, another short post to show You the gold ink on the variant prints of the upcoming Dario Argento print for “Profondo Rosso” (Deep Red).
Then, we’ll have one color left on the regular edition and 2 colors on the variant.
Are You ready?

This paper is very very cool, black and glittered.

And tomorrow we’ll be back with the third color.
And, just to remember the deadline to be a subscriber is approaching, tomorrow we’ll show You some details of the upcoming prints we’re working at.
I suggest You the subscription to You, if You got a chance.
This year we’ll do our best posters, don’t miss them, go here: —->

Wow, I’m a master of advertising, isn’t it?

Love this clip, The Black Keys rule!

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