Here we go!

Finally this long awaited and dreaded 2012 has come.
A lot of people, basing their ideas on the Maya, think this will be the last year of this sad World.
Well, maybe it’ll but I think that probably we’re not in 2012… I think there’s been some little mistakes in calculating the years and calendars in the past centuries.
So, this end will be a surprise…
Anyway, your favorite trio from italy is already working for making this year well remembered for all of us.
We’ve got a lot of approvals today.
First of all the second print of the Dario Argento serie has received a 10 on 10 OK.
Don’t know if You already know but this one will be “$çO°+§ùO !?$$?”.
Not clear?
Sorry, my keyboard doesn’t work properly in the last days.
This time we’ve double checked the inscriptions and there won’t be any mispelling…

Then we’ve got an approval from the Black Keys for the gigposter of their gig in Milano at the end of January.
Very cool, looking forward.

And Asymmetry festival have approved the idea of the poster for the 2012 edition.

Caracol has approved the design for the next cover for the international version of the new cd.

And there are other works coming, like I said in a previous post.
We’re also working at a print for “Dead Rockstar“.
And then some cd covers for Ufomammut and I.C.O.

A lot to do and draw.
If we’ll survive to the end of the month it’ll be great! …

And don’t forget tomorrow we’ll have our Dario Argento A.P. versions for sale on our webstore.
Just to refresh Your mind, we’ve printed a REALLY limited A.P. edition for the regular version of “L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo” and a very limited edition of the variant one too.
We did 10 A.P. copies of the regular version.
They are the same BUT they’re the only 10 in the World with sparkling ink on the blood.
We’ll have only 4 copies on sale.
And they look like this:

Then we’ll have ONLY 3 copies of the A.P. variant version.
And hear ye: these will be the only one in the World with the first wrong inscription.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, the only ones.
Like this:

Tomorrow, starting from 6 p.m. italian time.
Have a great day

Listening to “All pigs must die” right now

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  2. Congratulations and tanti auguri for EB art of the week!

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