L’Uccello dalle Piume di Cristallo

Today I’ve discovered that there’s a litography, a poster from 1924 about the IV motorbike circuit (it was a bike race) that took place in Tortona, our hometown.

It’s a very nice print.

I’m here with some photos of the first print of the Dario Argento serie.
First work has been “L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo” , bad translated by Your friends from Italy, first with “The bird the with cristal plumage” and then, due to our love for Champagne…  “The bird with the cristal plumage”.
We’re close to Xmas and so, be nice and forgive our misspelling.
C’mon, You’ll see the posters are cool even if the mistake.

Here we go with the jpeg of the prints, just to show them in a more clear image.

This one up is the regular version (limited handprinted edition of 175 copies – 8 colors) and the one below is the variant (limited edition version of 70 copies – 8 colors plus sparkling red ink).

Then we realized a very short serie of A.P., 10 of the regular version (where we tested the sparkling ink, so there’s this difference between the regular version) and 9 of the Variant version (with the first wrong inscription).
We’ll have them soon on sale on our website, only a few of them.
And now, stop the piffle, let’s go with the pics.

The variant is up and the regular edition A.P. is here below with some details of the sparkling blood.

We’re already working on the second print of the Argento serie, a print about red color…

And in the next hours we’ll also talk about the subscriptions.

Watched Submarine tonight.
Very very nice british movie.

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  1. devilthedevil Says:

    We forgive you for what you call a mistake. Its not its art! I love your work always and am so happy to see my favorite horror movie director get some great art from you.

  2. My guess is that Profondo Rosso is the next one?

  3. I love this uccello.

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