We should start a party.
This is the 400th post we write on this blog.
We started on august 2009, more then 2 Years ago.
Never thought to be so involved in writing on this blog.
I must say I like to tell You what’s going on here in our little studio, show You what we’re doing.
Ok, sorry if I don’t write about the Malleus gossip, but there’s not so much to know… and it could be boring.
Well, they offered me to be the pin up on actual playboy issue, I’d been asked to be Marilyn and when  I said no, they went for Lindsay.
Not my friend Lindsey from Denver.
Lindsay Lohan… damn.
I got my integrity, no money can buy my soul.
A pity, cause my body was ok for one million dollars…

Ok, I’m wandering too much.
I know You’re all waiting to see the final print for “L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo”, first poster of the Dario Argento serie we’re working on together with Dark City Gallery.
Before showing You the printing process, I’d like to tell You we’re sorry.
Yesterday we spent the day looking each other in a catatonic  surreal atmosphere in our studio…
Because we worked like donkeys  to correct the english title (remember, there were 2 words swapped…) and we didn’t notice there was another subtle mistake.
No, we didn’t write “Mario” instead of “Dario” and we didn’t write “L’uccello piume dalle di cristallo”…
We’re italians and we speak an old language here, a lot of people here don’t even know there are other languages around… we speak lots of dialects and we try to write things You can understand on this blog… we speak spaghetti english, I know.
And, even if we are working on this serie with a UK Gallery, nobody noticed there was another mistake… damn!
Let’s see what happened.

First thing we had to erase the wrong inscription.
So we printed a overlay with the same color of paper.

Then we added a foot at the frame.
To be honest we must say the prints look more complete with this bottom part.
The variant is more “closed”, the regular is cool.
Am I wrong?
C’mon, try to be nice about this, we’ve suffered a lot.
No, we didn’t cry. We never do. We’re the only human beings that has inks instead of water in their body, so we don’t need lacrimal glands…

Then we printed the “right” title in white (the color of papers).
Ok, I know.
Cristal is wrong.
It should be Crystal.
But tell me. Be honest.
How many times have You used this word in Your life?
Moreover, would You be able to write the title in Italian without misspelling it?
Thanks a lot.
Anyway, I’ve already asked to Queen Elizabeth if she can change the spelling of Crystal changing the Y with an I.
I’ll call Obama later tomorrow…

Well, apart from this little mistake, the prints look like You can see here below.

The regular version

The variant version

The prints will be available soon via Dark City Gallery.
I’ll keep You posted and I’ll let You know when we’ll have the few A.P. on sale on our website.
And I’ll take some pics of them tomorrow.

It’s been great to share this with all of You.
Let us know if You like them!

Listening to Lightning Bolt

4 Responses to “400”

  1. Congratz to post no. 400, and congratz to the amazing artwork (as usual). The misspelling might only work to make the poster more valuable in the hands of the collectors. :-)

  2. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    I blame Monti for the error

  3. Mispellings or not, they’re absolutely gorgeus!

  4. This piece is just incredible. Congratulations because thw way I see it, it is one of your finest works!

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