Yesterday we left with the feeling that you can clearly understand from  the picture shown here below…

Even if we put a lot of attention in what we do, sometimes we do wrong.
Don’t know if You remember, but we invert 2 words in the english title of the first Argento serie poster.
Well, You’ll think… not a good starting.
But we solved the evident mistake.
Sorry, English is not our language and probably it’s an Argento curse cause they’re italian movies and we put the english title :-)
But as I said, sometimes the brain reads the wrong things as they’re right, cause it doesn’t expect a mistake.
Or simply, we’re blind.
Or idiots.
And I know I write like Tarzan, but please, forgive me.
C’mon, I do my best to write meaningful sentences.
Don’t laugh.
We won’t show You how we solve the problem today.
(I was looking for an evil laugh to put here, but I didn’t find it…)
First, let’s go with the last color, the 8th (or nineth…)
Sparkling glitter.
This will be ONLY on the posters in the list below. Take note:

– Variants (On sale soon at Dark City Gallery and if You’ll do the good boys, in some kind of subscriptions and projects and blah blah blah…)
– Variant A.P.s (only 9 pieces, and they’ll have the wrong english title… we saved 9 copies and we’ll have 4 on sale, one day…)
– A.P.s (we’ve 10 copies of the regular version with glitter red ink, only 5 will be on sale, one day, again…)

So, enjoy the glitter that we noticed Banksy invented before us, many years later … (no problem, we LOVE Banksy!)

Sparkling blood.
Even if it looks like it’s tomato soup, it’s ink!
You’re mordant today…
We put sparkling glitter cause maybe You’ven’t watched the movie, but apart from all the other things  we already put as references in the prints, there’s a painter in “L’uccello dalle piume di Cristallo” and I’m pretty sure he was used to add these kind of inks in his masterpieces…
Too much?

It looks cool!
And tomorrow we’ll show You the prints in their final shape.
And You’ll see that it’s been a good thing to misspell the title, cause now they look better!
Keep the faith

Like to the new Black Keys video:-)

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  1. Looks amazing. Can’t wait to see you guys make the Suspiria, Opera and Phenomenon posters.

  2. This looks great!!

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