Seventh color.
When You start in seeing the end.
When You’re happy.
When You don’t notice there’s a little stupid mistake that is gonna make You crazy.
Wait and You’ll see.
But never despair! Sometimes the worst situations can change bad in good.
And again, You’ll see.

We printed black.
The seventh color.
Well, not sure I’m right, but it should be.
8th if we consider the shade.
Anyway, we’re talking about the first of the Dario Argento poster serie: “L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo”.
Not to be boring, but maybe You’ve  never watched this movie.
And maybe You’d be grateful if I could give You some details about the plot.
There’re a knife, a bird and a title in the story.
There’s also blood in the movie, so a lot of red.
Then there’s a scene in which darkness is everywhere, black atmosphere.
And we printed black.
I know, this part of the posts is a little repetitive…

I’ve to unveil a part of the story to explain the meaning of the poster.
And if You’ven’t watch the movie, You could hate me forever.
So, I think the image is quite clear to all of You that have watched the movie.
What? You cannot understand even if You watched the film 10 times?

Damn! Look at it, can You see the mistake?
Don’t You feel the tension like in a Dario Argento movie?
The mistake is there, in front of Your eyes and You cannot see it!

Look carefully.
It’s in front of You.

The variant is not finished yet, of course.
Sparkling glittered ink color  is missing…

Oh, c’mon!
Follow me, don’t think about the mistake!

Can You see it?
It’s quite evident. So clear that we noticed only when we printed about 300 posters…

No, it’s not in this part.
We didn’t write the name of Dario Argento wrong.
Neither we did 6 fingers, or 3 eyes, or something like that…

It’s here.
Look carefully.
Read carefully.
Sometimes the brain plays bad jokes.
If You’re thinking that You’re reading “The bird with the cristal plumage”, You won’t notice that what’s written is “The bird THE with cristal plumage”…

And now the great question that will keep You awake all nigh long: “will our heroes be able to fix the mistake?”

Listening to JJ Grey and Mofro right now

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  1. What for? It’s even more unusual now, isn’t it?

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the mistake! Have you also noticed that the english word “crystal” is written with a “y” instead of an “i”?

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