We’ve prepared 3 huge package today.
They’ll leave us tomorrow morning on the way to UK, they’ll reach Dark City gallery and this means the Argento prints will be on sale very soon.
As I told You yesterday (was it yesterday?), we won’t sell them apart from our A.P. versions, but they’ll be totally limited editions and they’ll have some differences from the regular and variant prints.
Don’t be so curious, c’mon.
Then, as we said before (was it before?), we’re thinking about working out a subscription for 2012 and we’ll have some good surprise for You.
By the way, let’s do a quick poll to understand what You’d like to see in the subscription…

Ok, while You’ll compile the poll I’m gonna show You the 6th color (well, it’s 2 colors cause it’s a shade).
More red!
Because You know we’re talking about the first piece in the Dario Argento poster serie and I know  You’ven’t ever watched this movie.
So I could help You with some details about the plot.
There’re a knife, a bird and a title in the story.
There’s also blood in the movie.
And it’s obvious there’s red in it.
So, we did red.

It’s getting more clear!
Well, if You’ve seen the digital ad You already know what will happen.
But tomorrow… oh my god… tomorrow there’ll be a surprise.
A terrible surprise that will change our lives (well, it already did… but I must say it changed in a better way…)

I forgot to take pictures of the variant… sorry…
So, please, start in feel thrilled cause tomorrow we’ll unveil a secret.
No, I’m not Batman.
Another one.
C’mon… be serious…

This one is to say goodbye to a friend

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