I think this is the first time we start a post with a picture.
There’s not a particular reason to do it, but It was just to make something new…
Today we’re gonna show You 2 colors, are You happy?
First one is another red, it’s for blood.
As You know, we’re working at the Argento serie.
The first print is based on “L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo” aka “The bird the with crystal plumage”.
And again, knowing  You’ven’t ever watched this Argento movie I could help You with some more details about the plot.
First of all there’re a knife and a bird in the story, then a title.
Moreover there’s blood in the movie.
And with the 4th color we created the blood!

We can do incredible things, sometimes we’re scared by what we can do!
C’mon, don’t worry, it’s only a movie and this is fake blood!

Back to the plot, I forgot to tell You that there are human beings in the movie and, as You probably noticed living everyday, they have a colored surface called skin. It can be of different colors, from yellow to pink, to black to red and so on.
We put a pink in the poster to simulate skin and 100% honour the movie.
So, 5th color is pink.

And we did the same on the variants!

To let You know, we’ve already finished the printing of these posters and they look very very nice.
The run is 175 for the red frame and only 70 for the variant.
Then we’ve a few A.P. we’ll talk about You in the next days.
Cause they’re different.
And we’ve some plans for our copies, cause, as You know, we’re working on these with Dark City Gallery from UK.
Just to arouse your suspicions we’re thinking about offering a very very limited subscription for next year and it’ll include these prints.

If You do the good guys…

Listening to Barn Owl right now.
Very inspiring

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