ARGENTO color 2

We’ve a very limited imagination.
So, for the second color of the print “L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo”, we decided to invert the inks…
Gold on the basic run and silver on the  variant.
Getting old?

There’s a bird and something reminding a knife.
Because, if You’ven’t ever watched to this Argento movie I could help You telling a little more of the plot.
There’s a knife and a bird.
And the knife leads to the bird that will lead to the knife.
In few words it’s about like this…

Here below You can see the variant version.

Silver ink.

There are a lot and a lot of other colors coming.
And surprises, dramatic turn of events, suspence… and so on.

Now, if You’re interested to NEVE and You want to help, please check this auction.
And don’t bid one second before the end, help Dr Julien Fondation, please.

Thanks to F***ing Gamboa I watched this very nice movie: Micmacs

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  1. Martin Gustafsson Says:

    WHEN and WHERE will I be able to buy these prints!? Will they be available online?

  2. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    Told ya it ruled !

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