Sorry if we’re not communicating too much in these days, but we’re working on a lot of things and time flows and it’s never enough.
This is a short post to tell You we’re happy and proud to announce that  Dark City Gallery will be releasing 8 movie posters, celebrating the key films of Italian horror master Dario Argento.
You’ll think… and so?
Malleus will be creating the entire poster series!
This is an official poster serie licensed by SIAE (the f***ing italian owner of the rights of Argento movies), not a bootleg one.
We’re working on the first print, it’ll be “L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo” (aka The bird with the crystal plumage) and we’ll start next week in showing the printing process of this 10 colors handprinted silkscreen!
Stay tuned for more and spread the news, c’mon, be nice:-)


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  1. You try to give me a heart attack? One of my favorite directors (next to Jodorowsky, Svankmajer, Buttgereit, Deren and some more)! PLEASE tell us the titles you are doing work on! :-)

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