My cat took the pics…

It’s been a printing weekend.
Feeling like  printing human machines, but it’s been worthwhile.
The new Malleus Art print is called Spirit.
It comes from the poster we’ve realized for the gig of Mastodon in Washington DC.
It’ll be a very limited edition (we’ve to count them tomorrow morning, but they’ll be about 30/35 pieces) and they’ll be on sale tomorrow evening.
Spirit looks really incredible, the paper is outstanding (a canvas paper, iridescent blue… well it’s quite difficult to describe it) and we’ve experimented a new printing process to give the print a “vintage” looking, I’d say a sort of “lomographic” appeal.
Probably, the closest thing coming to mind is fresco painting.
You’ll see.
Let’s go with the process.

First color has been a cream white and then a iridescent blue (sorry if everything looks like green in the first pic…)

This pic above is a little better, isn’t it?

Then we worked out the “fresco approach” with the other colors.
First we did a red ink.

Then we printed a copper-gold ink on it with an incredible result You’ll see in the details below.

Then, last: black ink.

And here we go with details!

This fresco printing and the paper create an incredible effect, the print changes color like a kaleidoscope, when light hit it, the reflections are amazing.

And this is how it looks like.

Tomorrow I promise I’ll take some better pics and I’ll post them.
Don’t worry.
And I’ll tell You how many copies we’ll have on our store, together with the Mastodon posters.
Good night

In 2 days it’ll be 10 Years we lost George Harrison.

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