We’ve a lot of friends in the USA.
And a lot of fans, people following us since years.
So, this year, we want to thank You all introducing a “black friday” day on our webstore.
Basically we’ll be happy to sell EVERYTHING  at 20%  less for all tomorrow.
And not only on Malleus, on Supernatural cat too.
If You don’t have the links to our shops in Your favorite sites, I’m here to help You.
You can find posters, Art prints and other Malleus candies clicking HERE.
And if You want to buy some records from our Supernatural Cat, go HERE.
Please, remember to wait tomorrow at 6:06 for the Supernatural Cat, while Malleus is already working!

In the meantime, I’m happy to unveil the new Mastodon poster.

We’re very happy of the way colors appear on this red paper.
Run is 120 pieces and they’ll be on sale on our website after the gig.

And here’s the jpg and the real one…

It looks nice, isn’t it?
In the meantime, prepare Your eyes cause we’ve received today the fantastic paper for printing the ART PRINT taken from this poster.
It’s here below.

It’s a blu paper, like the one we used for the last NEVE.
Amazing incredible paper.
So… stay tuned and have a great black friday;-)

Watched this badass movie!

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    good job on making the cloth shear

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