Today we received a box full of candies.
It came from Finland, our friend Tomi of SVART records sent it to us.
Inside we found a lot of vinyls we did the artwork for.
Amazing, really great stuff.
And here below You can see the design we did for the records.
They were Pentagram reissues of “Review Your choices”, “Show ’em how” and “Subbasement”.
Don’t forget to check pics of the records on the website of SVART!

All the vinyls have a folded poster with the images above, and they’re top printed.
I’ll take some pics in the next days for You.

In the meantime we’ve moved on with the printing process of the next poster for Mastodon.
It’ll be for their gig next 27th of November in the USA, in Washington.
Second color is an iridescent gold.

The run will be of 120 pieces and there’ll be an art Print on another incredible paper.
You want to know more?
First You’ll have to hit the right answer to the poll below!

And You can even add answers!
Wow, I love polls

Listening to the final master of the next Ufomammut right now.
And I want a owl.

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