Cool to know that, like me, You miss Milli Vanilli… what a surprise when I discovered it was a fake band… ahaha

Serious now.
Here we go with the new print we’ve just finished to work at.
It’ll be called NEVE (it’s the italian for “snow”).
We’re gonna number these beauties during the weekend, while finishing the art for the Mastodon poster and for a secret project we’re getting close to announce.
But we’re pretty sure they’ll be 50 pieces.
Only 30 will be on sale, starting from monday morning.

Last color is a white, slightly transparent to give better the idea of the snow falling.
It added a sort of delicate touch to the print.

I tried to take a good picture to give You the idea of this incredible paper, but it’s difficult, it changes color with the light and the wonderful thing is that You can see it only moving it… I’d better take a video…

This one above is good, it seems metallic, but it’s like canvas…


Want to watch this movie!

10 Responses to “NEVE”

  1. I’m speechless.

  2. Michael H. Says:

    Wow! How do you say “This rocks!” in Italian?

  3. è meravigliosa!
    spacca i culi, anzi, li divide in 17 parti eque!

    Oh and infecting my friends with this virus called “Ufomammut”… heard a complaint that he can’t get it out of his cd-player. A supernatural force (or cat) wouldn’t allow it!

  5. Are any going to Caracol or do I order here? Incredible!

  6. Any chance you guys might do another version of this on say a different paper, it’s such an amazing print it’s a shame that it head such a liimited print run. Thanks and keep up all the amazing work.

    • Hi Michael.
      Sorry, we won’t.
      We never reprint our stuff.
      Moreover, this is already an art print, it won’t make sense to do a different version.
      Thanks for Your support!

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