Tried always to be a good bunch of people.
Hiding terrible secrets, of course.
The poll worked out.
It’s good.
I like to know You’ve wasted Your time with me.
It makes me happy.
Especially in this moment, we’re surrounded by social networks and blogs and internet crap, we think to be full of friends and people ready for You but, don’t know if You’ve noticed, it’s getting so difficult to talk, discuss and share things with a lot of people.
I miss the old emails sometimes.
I miss more the old phones, the public ones with the card.
I miss the letters, the one with the ink, the ones closed with saliva.
I miss the real friends, the ones You met and You talked to (for real!)
Ok, this is a good way for a new poll!

I want to become Captain Poll.
For real…

Anyway, let’s go with some more pics of the Art print we’re working at.
It’s finished, but I’ll show it the final shape tomorrow.
I can tell You there’ll be only 50 copies and only 30 about for sale.

Don’t worry, this one is not Lu, she’s not bearded…

Black color

So, one color is missing.
Tomorrow, c’mon…

Listening to Garadama right now.
Cool Japanese band

3 Responses to “People”

  1. it’s just adrian, not adriana- or maybe you watched an italian dubbed version?

  2. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    I still haven forgotten that joke you pulled on Me & Chuck about you know who getting arrested …you will pay for that

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