Fog has come.
Berlusconi seems to be gone, but solving the disaster he did in these years will be an hard work for the people coming next.
And well, to be honest, I don’t feel so good to have the Banks governing our Country.
We should do something, take all of our money out of the banks and put them under our matress, like our grandmothers did.
Or maybe we could start again the art of exchange, swap things…
Can You imagine?
“Hi Malleus.
I’m very interested in Your last poster.
I can send You 2 kgs of apples and a cat.
Then, if a cow could work, I’d love to have a Verdena print”

“Dear Alfred,
Thanks for contacting us. 
Ok for the apples and the cat.
Please, pack them separately and be careful especially with the cat.
Be careful while putting it in the box.
As for Verdena, please, let us think about it… it could be difficult to find a place to grow a cow being vegetarian…”

It’d be nice.

While thinking and dreaming about all these things about our future, we moved on with some projects and we’ve started the printing process of a new Art Print.
Don’t know if You remember the paper we bought for it.
When we opened the pack we couldn’t believe.
It’s an iridescent paper, changing from white to light green, it’s  a sort of canvas paper, incredible.
Look at it here below.

On the right You can see the film, on the left the paper.
The problem is that it’s quite difficult to take a good picture of it.
First color of the print has been a silver.

Don’t know if I already told You, this print is taken from the cover art we did for Caracol.
It’ll be awesome.
More tomorrow.

And now, I’ve just noticed a new feature of WordPress, so I’m gonna test it.
It’s the poll.
Let’s see if it works.
And let’s find a good question…
Got it!

Curious to see it.
Sorry if I’m stupid…

Check this itw  from Finland with Ufomammut.

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