A lot of talking about this sequence of 11s.
The 11/11/11 has passed and I must say I don’t care that much about these things, especially when You notice that they are quite annoying.
Today it’s been a day like other ones, a foggy day, moreover.
I preferred when the odometer of our van turned to 66666 kms.
It was more exciting.
Anyway, the good news is that we’ve finished the first *°£/(“= of the upcoming ()£(“==7%*§ of )”$!;:))£ we’re working at.
It’s a secret, we’ll announce it very soon.
And we’re very excited about it.
And You’ll be too.
Apart from this, today it’s been another waiting day.
Still waiting for the day of the resigning of our premier… 
I can’t believe this vampire will leave us free.

Tomorrow it’ll be the 12/11/11.
Hope at least there’ll be the sun shining.
It’ll burn the vampire into dust.

Listening to 13Horsepower – Yours truly


3 Responses to “11”

  1. Finally: gone!

  2. Congratulations and best wishes… with all my heart!!! ;-)))

  3. Tanti auguri a voi!
    Heartfelt congratulations to Malleus and all of Italy!
    We love Italy!

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