When we thought it was gone, he opened his smiling mouth to say “No, I won’t go”.
Today, well, this morning, for some hours, Italy, the Country we live in, had the feeling it was over.
All these years of disgust seemed to have an end, finally.
It seemed like our cancer was gone, he was considering resigning.
And we were really hoping it was true.
Well, not that there’s a good alternative to shit, but everything is better then this shit.
Then, nothing happened.

We need an invasion.
Aliens could be a good option.

While feeling so upset for this situation, we moved on with our projects and we’re waiting for this paper to arrive for printing our next art print.

I know, I know.
It’s incredible and we could just pretend to have printed an invisible poster on this beauty…
But we’ve the idea of print 4 colors on it.
So prepare Your eyes, cause something wonderful is coming soon.

In the meantime, You can close Your eyes and dream with me of a Country free of all the rotten people like the one I cannot even pronounce the name.

Where’s Dexter?

2 Responses to “Hope”

  1. After having read the news on monday, november 7th 2011, I’ve been constantly thinking about his forthcoming resignation. Contrary to expectations, it didn’t occur. :-(

    To make you feel better: I’m sure it will happen very soon…! Don’t give up hope yet, pleeeaase. :-)))

  2. Hungry for something different now… Dex, we have so much in common.

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