We’ve been in Roma.
For a week about, we’ve been in studio mixing the new Ufomammut’s music.
2 of Malleus are also 2 of Ufomammut.
So, sometimes, we need some time to take care of our music.
We love to play music.
It’s a good thing. A lot of fun.
We discovered  an incredible resemblance between our friend Lorenzer (the guy that has worked as soundlord at our last 3 records now) and Billy Idol…


Just a quick post to tell You we’re back and we’re working on some new prints.
There’ll be a secret project unveiled in the next weeks, a poster for Mastodon, an Art print from the artwork we did for Caracol and many other things.
So, stay tuned!

Ahhhhh… Billy Idol! He got hate in his eyes!

2 Responses to “Mixage”

  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    about time you updated… Sometimes I wish your cat ran this web site

  2. cannot wait for the new Ufomammut.

    “… an Art print from the artwork we did for Caracol…”
    woohoo! i like the sound of this.

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