Häxan is a silent movie by Benjamin Christensen, dated 1922.
It’s about the history of witchcraft, developed in different styles and methods.
Century Guild is a wonderful gallery in Chicago and we’re totally addicted to what they do.
And it’s amazing cause they’re totally in love with what Malleus creates too.
Don’t know if You remember, we did a show with Century Guild called “Grand Guignol”.
We did this.

Now it’s time for “Grand Guignol II: Haxan – Satan + The Women who love Him”.
And we’re totally thrilled cause we’re again a part of the show, as You can see in this picture, between Austin Young, Georges de Feure, Gustav Klimt, Italian Art Nouveau master Adolfo Hohenstein, painter Gail Potocki, and sculptor Stanislav Szukalski…

I must say we’re totally honoured, being close to such masters is something we’d never ever expected.
Anyway, You can read more here, at Century Guild website.

And if You’re lucky enough to be in Chicago, don’t miss it!


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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

  2. Franchesca Says:

    That is awesome, how would i be able to watch it all the way in south Africa. Haxan I mean… I doubt it is just chilling in a video store to rent.

  3. Congratulations! But you forgot to mention Diamanda Galas! ;-) Could make her out on the picture on the left…. Still sends shivers down my spine with her voice for like… 25 years.

  4. Too bad I’m not in the states right now.
    Would love to see that exhibition!!!

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