While my cat is sleeping at home…

… I took some pics of the last CARACOL print.
So You’ll be able to understand how it is a little better.
By the way, it’s getting cold here, I was sure that once at home it’d come the winter.
My feet are like ice cubes.
Don’t like it at all.
Ok, I was sure You didn’t care.
Let’s go with the photos.

I must admit these pics are a little more clear.
I like my camera, my cat usually uses her mobile to take pics (I bought one, so if she needs an help she can call me, it’s full of bad cats there outside…) and it’s not that good.
I swear, I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol.

We added some more details on the films, directly on them to make the print different from the little poster that will be in the CARACOL cd.
We like this poster.
What about You?

Tomorrow I’ll show You the AP on the silver paper.
They’re really really gorgeous.
Now I’m gonna jump in the fire to feel some warmness.

Listening to the Jim Jones Revue, super cool R’n’R!!!!

2 Responses to “While my cat is sleeping at home…”

  1. Looks absolutely great!
    Oh, and can understand your feelings – got my personal cold in the night to saturday… sucks! :( watching Lars von Trier’s Kingdom distracts a little.

  2. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    i dig it

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