Roma is burning.
It’s incredible to see that all the idiots of the World always converge here in our Country.
We’ve idiots everywhere, from the high fields of politic (and we can easily say that there’s an incredible agglomerate of idiocy today…) to the lower fields of normal people… yesterday we saw something we couldn’t even imagine, instead of protesting (like in all the other Cities of the World), we had people fighting.
And, of course, who is gonna pay for the devastation and damages?
The lower people, the normal people, from the ill fated poor guy that has lost a car (because it’s obvious that someone thinks that it’s a good thing to burn cars to protest…) to the people that will have to pay more taxes to clean their devasted City…
There’s some problem, of course… it’s easily understandable.
Something is rotten in the State of Italy…

Well, sorry if I bored You, but it’s been quite sad to see once again what we’re becoming here.
Other consequences of the lack of culture…

Let’s get back to poster art.
Well, not that it’s a good period for it too…
Strange things are happening around, damn, the World is changing fast and culture is the last problem to everybody.
I’m negative today.
I was saying… let’s get back to posters.
This way it sounds better.
We’ve finished the Caracol print.
And it looks very very nice.
We’ll number them tomorrow and we’ll ship 100 copies to Canada.
Then we’ll have some left for our webshop too, don’t worry.
And I promise to take some better pics tomorrow.
My cat will be at home, so she won’t be angry if I’ll do:-)

These one above, as You can notice, are on silver paper and have no inscriptions.

This blurry pic is to show a trembling version of the poster version.

This is quite the same, but we can notice a little improvement in the photo technique of my cat…

There are lots of details and layers of color in this print.
Maybe some better pics could help, I know!

Tomorrow I’ll work some better pics out.
And here below there are some details and a few copies we did on red plastic sheets.

And yellow paper too.

I like her face.

Ok, it’s all for today.
Let me know if You like this print.
It’d be nice to hear some comments!

Listening to Black Cobra – Invernal
Very very cool!

5 Responses to “CARACOL”

  1. The ones on red plastic or Yellow paper are amazing, will they be also on sale on your webstore??
    Thanks again for the concert in paris last week.

  2. looks good, guys. and very interesting to see the one colour prints.

    please do an art print of the Caracol album cover. please!

  3. I must have. Very very nice. I will try to get one here in Canada, otherwise…to your shop!

  4. Hi deancc, the album cover is Malleus as well: here it is

    Good day Jeff, Caracol is a Canadian artist ! Her web store actually shipped from Canada right here:

  5. just watched ‘such..hounds’ saw your work there. very cool. mucha, shin hanga plus those crazy guys from simplicissimus. old school printing too, i used ulano blue back in ‘ 60s–all photoshop now–i miss the mess and the happy accidents. keep it up.

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