One to go

One color and the Caracol posters will be done.
Sorry, I forgot to start with something more polite, like:

Hello guys!
How are You doing?
Hope everything is cool there and so on.
Please, think like I always ask these things.
Writing them everytime is a little annoying.

So, back to the print.
We did 2 colors today and one is missing.
We’ll do it tomorrow and You’ll see the final result as soon as it’ll be on paper.

This amazing animated gif is to show You how to print pink ink.
“Pink Ink” sounds funny, it could be the title of some project.
A poster serie of pink things, pigs, panthers, whatever…


Then we printed a small part in red, as You can see.
It’s an heart.

Ok, it’s all for today.
Tomorrow it’ll be done!

Watched te new Cronenberg… nice one but, where is Cronenberg?

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  1. I am really liking this print.

  2. Limited edition,
    only 121 printed and as off today, there is still a few left at

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