I hate to have a cold.
Everything is floating around and I really feel my bones broken.
And I’ve nothing more then a cold.
I’m so wrecked I’ven’t even got the time to check out the hundreds of pics from the tour to work out something nice on the blog.
Hope to be good in a few days, I know You’re curious.
And I’m getting old, moaning like a grandfather about aches and pains… sorry.

Today we moved on with the printing process.
Let’s go with some pics, 2 more colors.
The first one is a dark silver gray.
I must say that my cat came to help me in taking pics, so if You notice they’re really bad, You know the reason why.

We’re curious to see the final print, it’s a difficult one, lots of layers and grey paper, very absorbing one.
Here’s the metallic green

This one above is the one on metallic silver paper.

While this is the one on grey paper.

More tomorrow.
Now I’ve to fight the virus in me! (sounds very epic, by the way…)

Watched ADAM, tonight

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  1. Looks great! Will some be available via you? Since I doubt she’ll be playing somewhere nearby…. :-(

  2. Hi Sven, you can actually get it from Caracol’s own webstore shipping wordwide at:

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