We were thinking, after one month on the road, to come back to our Country discovering everything was changed.
We were dreaming of coming back without Berlusconi, in a free Country, where people were joining freedom from this television dictatorship after years.
They’re still there, bringing our cultural devasted Country to a sort of coma, where people have no more strength to fight against the madness is going around.
We were thinking to come home and be in Autumn, but even the weather has decided to do its own business… seems our premier has been a good inspiration for everything…
We were thinking to come back and relax a little, but we’ve no time, we’re already printing and working on several projects.
That’s good but I’m still looking forward to sleep like a bear, right now.
Anyway, anyhow, life goes on and we’re printing a limited poster run, a silkscreens for the canadian singer Caracol.
First of all You probably know we’ve worked on the artwork for her upcoming new album (Blanc Mercredi), coming out on the 20th of October.
This is the cover art.

In the cd You’ll find this nice poster below:

And we’re realizing a silkscreen of it for the live shows of Caracol.
It’ll be slightly different, of course, but it should come out very very nice.
Here is the first color, a white on grey paper.

Then there’ll be an art print, a short  run of 30 pieces on silver paper.

Looking forward to see how it’ll look like once finished.
And You?

By the way, I’ve a cold coming right now.
Any grandmother’s remedy for stop it?

Listening to Barn Owl right now – Lost in the Glare

4 Responses to “Work”

  1. very nice poster in the works.

    please make an art print of that album cover. it is perfect!!! please. seriously.

    all hail Barn Owl!

  2. fuckin gamboa Says:

    try some lugaw Urlo

  3. latte caldo e grappa!

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