Time to escape.

I’ve just discovered that there’s been a nuclear accident in France, about 250 kms from italian borders.
Damn, it’s not a good news.
We’re all worried about the economical problems  of the World today and we cannot see we’re quickly falling down into distruction… money money money…
Anyway, tomorrow we’ll drive fast to reach North of Germany, on the way to Dresden.
And then we’ll have one month of tour around Europe, to share feelings, vibes and great moments with all of You guys.
Check where we’ll be here.

In the meantime we’ve  finished the last silkscreen of the summer (sounds weird…ahahah)
It’s for the 14 years of Orange factory.
Check here below


A lot of Pink.

Then Black.

A lot of Black

Very nice, I know a lot of You won’t like it cause this is “cruel”, but I think reality is way worst.
Or not?

It’s 6 colors but the magick is we only printed 4.

And here it is.
Run will be 103 pieces only.

And today, just before the starting of the European tour, we’re happy to announce that the preorder for Morbo, the new exciting album of Morkobot has started.
Only 100 pieces in white vinyl and only 200 in black.

Very very limited editions.
Check here and listen to the new album: MORBO

Enjoy it and see You on the road.


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  1. Hi!!!!!!! i love this blog and your works, very nice :)

    regards from Chile

  2. ma siete vivi????????’

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