It’s been strange, today.
It was about 6pm here when we received the press release  saying that Ufomammut signed with Neurot Recordings.
I must admit that I looked at the monitor of my Mac for several minutes, don’t know, it’s been so moving, I was so thrilled.
Don’t know, I felt today like the initialization to a new level, new things to discover, to understand, to see.
Like a knight receiving the initialization by a king, with the ritual  of the sword laid aside his shoulder and head.
I know You probably won’t care that much, but we did so much with ufomammut as malleus that we wanted to share this feelings with You.
And, again about Ufomammut, here we go with the last pics of the tour poster.
Check them here below:

First we did a black to work out the lines on the face and hairs of the lady.

Lots of details in this print.
Then the last color

A perlescent ink, rays from the sun.

And this is how it’ll look like.

It’ll be a run of 190 pieces.
150 will go on tour and only 30 copies will be on sale in october on our webstore.
You’ll have to patient a little, sorry.
Or come to say hi during the shows to pick one.

Then, today, we’ve started in packaging the limited edition of the upcoming Morkobot “Morbo”.
It’ll be a run of 100 pieces in white 180 gr vinyls and one of 200 pieces in black.
We’re very very happy, even if it’s a simple packaging, it’s very elegant and cool.


I’m listening to nothing in these days… damn.
But I’m watching great movies

6 Responses to “Today”

  1. cedric dresse Says:

    The Morkobot’s limited edition will be available on tour ?

  2. Congratulations on the deal!

  3. Congratulations on the new label, you totally deserve it! And the poster looks amazing, as usual!!

  4. Ufomammut and Neurot… fucking perfect match. mega congrats, guys! really cannot wait to hear the new album.

    and sick poster! i think it would look very nice on my wall.

  5. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    fuck yeah

  6. Awesome poster, but I would love it way more if there wouldn’t be these horns, or even if there were only two of them.

    btw: maybe we will see us at Hamburg! Enjoy your trip!

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