Gold and alchemy

We’ve forged gold on the Ufomammut tour poster.
A long difficult process, but it worked fine.
As You can see there’s a golden sun.
And something is happening around it.
Again, I’m not responsible of the pics…

Three colors left and it’ll be done.
Silver, black and perlescent.
It’ll be a magick poster and it’ll be on sale ONLY during the tour.
30 copies will be on sale once it’ll be over.
So, take a plane, maybe a bicycle, or a train, or what about feet?… and come to say hi HERE, if You want one.
C’mon, don’t be so polemic… if You won’t come, I told You there’ll be some copies after the tour.
Don’t worry.
Wreck now, time to rest

Listening to Alela Diane. Oh My Mama!

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