The Art of Noise

We’re not going to talk about the band.
I was searching for a good title and this one reflects in a very very good way the music of Morkobot.
We’ve finished the printing process of the limited edition and we’re ready to start some new works (like for example the Ufomammut’s tour posters).

Here we go with some pics.

The other part of the limited edition cover is on Blue paper.
And it’s printed with 2 different images with silver ink on one side(sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the other one… lazy guy!)

While they’re hand stained with white or blue ink on the other side (sorry again… I forgot to take pics of the blue stains… super lazy guy!)

You can see the blue stains and also the print of the Morbo.
There’ll be 2 different prints: white on blue stains and cyan on white ones.

So, gonna put it all together in the next days.
Stay tuned!
And remember they’ll be on tour with Ufomammut all around Europe from the 14th of september!

Watched “This is England”.
Very nice movie.

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  1. Hey, guys sorry for the off topic! Were you responsible for 1000mods cover art?

  2. Awesome work! Have to get my hands on one of those… ;-)
    Oh, and since you REALLY impressed me in Dortmund with Neurosis: a special tour poster for the Cologne gig would be awesome! :-D

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