Sorry for disappearing, we’re quite busy in these days, closed in dark rooms, recording the new Ufomammut’s music.
But we’ve quite finished, so I suppose we’ll be back to You again.
I hope all of You guys reading from the US East Coast are ok.
And I hope all of You from the other parts of the World are ok too.
And You, yes You, You from the outer World… hope You feel ok here too.

While recording, we’re moving on with other projects and other stuff.
We’re printing the ltd edition of the upcoming new Morkobot record: “Morbo”.
It’s coming out very nice and here below You can see with Your own eyes.

We added the inscription on the cover.
It’s a totem, as You can see, formed by the word MORBO.
We used silver paper, reaaaaally cool.

Then, in the inside panels, we printed 2 different shapes.
So there’ll be 2 kinds of covers:-)

Hope You’re enjoying it, more coming soon, gotta run now!

Listening to separate instruments, riffs and noise in these days…

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  1. awesome! good luck with the new recording!

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