More Omega

Here we go with some new and better pics of the poster we’ve just finished for Omega Massif.
This one below is the finished print:

And now let’s go with the AP:

And some details of the paper.

This paper is rad. Totally.
And we had to sell a kidney to buy it.

Not one single kidney. One kidney each of us…

Now we ‘re ready for the limited edition printing of the new Morkobot “Morbo” album, some tees, Ufomammut stuff and cd covers all around.
And don’t forget we’ll be in Liguria tomorrow.
Where’s Liguria?
It’s on the North West of Italy, close to the sea.
We’re playing with Ufomammut in Bardineto at Balla coi Cinghiali festival.
Last gig for this year in Italy.
And on saturday we’ll start the recordings of the new album.
Too many things…

Listened a lot of Entombed today.
Super cool band

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  1. hell yeah!

    ‘I won’t be calling, calling as we level
    and when we’re falling I’m like this with the devil
    when they’re creeping upon you, eating dust that you bleed
    don’t say I didn’t warn you
    A toast to death to myself ‘cuz I’m free
    Like this with the devil’

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