This post will be full of images, so please, prepare yourself and don’t tell me I didn’t advise You.
We’ve finished the printing process of the OMEGA MASSIF prints, the guys have a brand new album coming out called Karpatia and we’ve worked on this one for celebrating the event.
We’ve printed 133 pieces plus some Artist Print without inscriptions.
All of them are very cool.
Ok ok, I should not say these things, but what can I do… this is what I see with my eyes!

First came black ink.
A mountain hiding something else.
And we worked on the Artist version too, printing a bigger sun.
The one You’ll see in the pics is not Lu.

How can You even think this one is the twin sister  of Lu?

Something like 20 copies will be on gold glittered paper, very nice.

Then we printed the last color, a white inscription on the sun.
No, the one below is not Poia and she’s not the twin brother of him neither…

It’s good, isn’t it?
Sorry for all the rude gestures, the final result is what counts, tough.

And this is how it looks!
Hope You’ll like it.
I’ll keep You posted about it as soon as the band will have it.

Just watched “12 angry men”, very cool!

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  1. Linda Ferrari Says:

    Buon giorno ragazzi, vi ho scovati online, io scrivo per una rivista dedicata ad arte e giovani (progetto-9) ed ho un blog (, per il mese di settembre volevo inserirvi sulla rivista e pubblicarvi in cartaceo, mi date una mail a cui possa scrivervi? e fare una serie di domande?avete in progetto di tornare a milano?
    grazie a presto linda ferrari

  2. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

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