Strange things

I’ve noticed that there’ s been plenty of visits in the period we’ven’t written a word on the blog and then, as soon as I’ve put my fingers on the keyboard for a new post, everybody disappeared.
Well, it’s not fair.
I know I write crap, but I expected a little more tact…
But this is not the only strange thing I noticed in these days.
After years, I’ve thought about that there’s CIA in the little little Town where we play and rehearse… in Italy…

And I didn’t know it meant  Farmer Italian Confederacy …
That’s why we feel like there’s always someone peeping through the keyhole of the door of our practice room when we play… damn!

Ok, stop kidding, I’m still angry with You.
It’s summer, it’s mid of august, nobody is in Town (well, I’ve been in Milano yesterday and it was very cool, it was like being in the desert!).
we’re working a lot on the new prints and stuff.
Like some of You noticed WE means more LU then Malleus, but we’re a trio, so the other two are probably doing something too.
C’mon! Nobody is reading this blog and the few doing it are punctilious people… damn, not my lucky day.

Let’s go with the printing process of Omega Massif.
While our friend Andreas is joining Death Valley, we’re recreating the warmness of it in our studio, sweating on the screens (yes, yes, I’m talking about Lu… Poia and me live in the sofa we put in the refrigerator in the other room…).

The second color is a iridescent blu color.
Very delicate, it changes moving Your position around the paper.
We suggest You to run in circle around the poster to enjoy it more.
You can also organize tours of it to have more feeling of this color.
I’m sorry. While Lu is working I’m attending a humor course in the refrigerator…

More tomorrow.
Be patient and You’ll see the developing of this print we really really like!

Watched an amazing movie : Hesher!

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

  2. Nice colors, the blue looks good as both clouds and the scrollwork at the bottom.

  3. Punctilious Says:

    Punctilious??? There’s Alessio Corsini here in this moment!!!

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