It’s a very fresh summer here.
I don’t like summer, people on holidays, loosing time and energy to relax…
But I miss when I was a kid, when I spent my days doing exactly nothing.
Well, not that today it’s changed that much, but I try to think I’m working a lot.
And what are You doing right now?
Are You on the top of a mountain, or on a plane to reach an exotic place where You’ll be able to eat some Panda soup, or already in the sea fighting and killing dolphins?
Well, we’re here working on the last notes of the next Ufomammut album we’re gonna record from next week.
And we’re preparing all the stuff for the september/october tour in Europe (so, if You’re looking forward to meet us and have some prints and music, just keep in touch).
And we’re working at the limited edition of the brand new Morkobot  (Morbo) they’re gonna present on tour with us (yes, for real!).
And then we’re printing some posters and designing some others.
Well, we’re also taking our time playing music (it’s fun, don’t You know? Even if we’re gonna work on a new album, it’s always fun and satisfying, yes, it’s stressful but it’s great).
And we’re riding our bikes (finally I must tell You I’ve a bike, a real one with an engine).
And so on.
I’ve also noticed that there’s been a lot of visit on the blog lately, even if no news were up.
So, please, leave a comment when You come back!

This is the first screen of the brand new print for Omega Massif, band from Wurzburg (Germany), coming out in september with a brand new record (Karpatia).
As You can clearly notice, Lu is very very happy to print instead of staying under the sun with a straw hat and a cold drink  in one hand…

But the print is coming good:-)

Also the films for the limited edition of Morkobot are ready!

More coming soon, stay tuned!

Listening to Red Fangs, they got fantastic videoclips!

4 Responses to “Summer”

  1. Yeah, yeah… We may clearly notice who is working hard and who’s too lazy to write few words on the blog since a week haha ;)

  2. Checked the Ufomammut dates, and you’ll visit Copenhagen I see – that’s awesome, see you there!

  3. No Poland dates? Shit. Hope you’ll come to our beautiful country while promoting next Ufomammut record.

  4. That Red Fang video rocks!

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