Some pics

We’re back home.
We’ve been around with our band Ufomammut supporting Neurosis around Europe.
It’s been great, as You can imagine.

It started with some wheels problem, our right front one got distorted and Vita changed it.
Then, once at home we had to change all the four of them… don’t use Good Year, remember.

We had some really terrible food to survive. This should be a light sandwich with tomato and mozzarella…
And below You can see the transformations…

Another thing we’ve learnt is that “size matters”. Really

When You speak about means of transport…

… food…

… and instruments.

We had to climb the famous stairway to heaven to reach the stage, sometimes.

And we say: “trust us, we are not kiddin’ at all”

Well, sometimes we did…

But not that much, just a few times before getting dangerous people again…

…with serious problems with cameras…

… and art…
But anyway, it’s been really really a great time, we really enjoyed our travelling and meeting You all.
And Neurosis has been totally amazing and nice guys.

Thanks guys!

Watched “Norwegian Wood” tonight.
Very sad, but I liked it.

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  1. Try out the Norwegian Wood book… it’s even better! :)

  2. About the stairs, did you play in the Parisian subway or what…

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