Babe I’m gonna leave You

Again on the road, tomorrow on the way to Belgium (guests of our friends Sara and Benny at Orange factory) to meet Neurosis in Germany on wednesday for other 3 shows (check here the dates!)
Are You gonna come to say Hi or are You gonna stay at home watching tv?
We’ll have posters, records and the new Ufomammut tees we’ve print in the last days.
Check the designs here below, they’re nice, aren’t they?

In the meantime, while at home for some days, we finished the design for the 14 years Orange Factory party (and here You can see a small preview of a part of it… You know I like to make You curious!)

And we’ve moved ahead with some designs like the Omega Massif print, the 1000 mods cover art and some book covers.
But now it’s time to set the controls to the heart of the sun and concentrate on some good live acts in the next days.

And last, but not least…
Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to unveil the complete Morkobot “Morbo” artwork!
Enjoy it

And of course, more will come very soon, once back home!
Have a great week and see You on the road again

Listening to some music coming from another room, it seems to be Blues.

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